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Ground Test Solutions

3540 Jefferson Hwy
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Thomas Hamel
President/Sales Manager

Mobile: 517-898-3496

Mark Jeffreys
Field Service Manager

Mobile: 517-896-9546

Nick Dobson

Mobile: 858-761-3233

Patch Floyd

Mobile: 517-599-0817

Gary Woodrough
Program Manager

Mobile: 517-819-8670

Matt Henrys
Program Manager

Mobile: 517-574-1064

John Gavagan
Program Manager

Mobile: 517-282-3586

Steve Geller

Mobile: 517-712-6793

Brian Palmer

Mobile: 517-980-6327

Patty VanderWall

Mobile: 517-449-4723

Wendy Bennett
Office Manager

Mobile: 517-388-4851