Here is a list of projects we have recently completed. Let us know if we can help you with a similar job!


GTSĀ  New Build CFM56-7 Cowls

Advent Transition Duct

GTSĀ  Manufactured Advent Transition Duct, Carbon Fiber Barrel

Genx 1B All Carbon Fiber Boattail

GTS Manufactures Both The Development And Aftermarket GEnx1B & 2B Boattails/Heatshield And PSB.


GTS Seals In Prototype Stage

CFM56-7 Cowl Refurbishment

GTS Specializes In Complete Refurbishing Of All Ground Testing Systems

Panache Boattail

Panache Boattail Was One Of All Inconnel Developmental Projects Completed By GTS

GE GEnx-1B Boattails

GTS is proud to announce that General Electric has awarded the manufacturing of the GEnx-1B Boattails for both Production and Aftermarket Systems.

PW4000 Singapore

GTS has just completed the installation of the PW4000 System in Singapore. The project went very smooth with the help from the Cenco & ESA group. Thank You for the opportunity!

CFM56-7 & CFM56-3 Ethiopia

GTS has completed the installation of the CFM56-7 & CFM56-3 systems in Ethiopia. We want to thank Cenco Inc and Jeff from GE for all your support.

ST Aero Singapore

GTS wants to thank Amos & Chia at ST Aero for all their help during the multi Bellmouth Inspection and Repair project. Mr. Jeffreys (GTS Field Service MGR) completed the project in a compressed time frame so as to not effect the busy Engine Schedule at ST Aero. GREAT JOB!!!

GTS GEnx Project

GTS has completed the GEnx Project at the Peebles OH Facility. GTS Field MGR did a great job evaluating the issues and completing the job at hand. We want to again thank Tim for all his help.

GE Dallas Engine Center

GTS just completed Bellmouth inspections at the facility and we want to thank Darrell for all his help during the process. We look forward to a return trip on some other items discussed.

GE Peebles Engine Center

Special Thank You to Tim & Don for expediting all the information to help us coordinate the Repairs and we look forward to working with you in the future.

SAMES Queretaro Mexico CFM56-7

Ground Test Solutions has just completed the final Fit Up of the CFM56-7 Test Nacelle and Bellmouth at the Queretaro Mexico facility. We want to Thank Cenco Inc for contracting GTS to complete the Install.

MTU Brandenburg Germany

Ground Test Solutions has just completed upgrading the CF34-8 Combi & CF34-3B Cowlings in service at the Brandenburg Germany facility. Sven Schroeder was very helpful in having the system ready for us to complete the work that was contracted (Thank You Sven). Once the repairs were completed Mr. Jeffreys was able to re-install the doors around an engine and eliminate the issues with the fit that they had been struggling with for Years.

Xiamen China GE90-115 Installation

Ground Test Solutions has just completed the installation of the GE90-115 Serial # 1 at the new TEXL/Taikoo Engine Test facility in Xiamen China. The job went very well our field service manager Mark Jeffreys was able to complete the installation of the Cowl Doors and Bellmouth in time for the Engine Shakedown.